How to Lose Weight You Gained on Vacation

How to lose weight you gained on vacation? Once you get home, you need to get out of the vacation/holiday mode and get back to your normal routine to prevent any more weight gain.

  • To lose 1 pound of fat, you will need to reduce your calories by 500 per day.
  • Start exercising a day or 2 after your return to work, if it is possible to try taking a lunchtime fitness class.
  • Drink more water, Studies have shown drinking water can help you lose weight.
  • Try cutting out the alcohol for a couple of weeks, as this is just empty calories.

Many people return home from vacation/holiday a tad heavier than before they went away. Don’t worry we’ve all been there, and the holidays are there to be enjoyed

The love handles, and other chubby souvenirs could be the start of uncontrollable weight gain for many years to come.

As we escape the nagging demands of our bosses, daily routines, and sometimes family, we also fall into the trap of neglecting our diets and workout routines. This is very normal.

Over the Christmas period, I was off from work, even though I did not go away I had a stay vacation/holiday I still overate and drank too much.

I was not bothered by the extra inches on my waist, I enjoyed my time with the family relaxing and having fun. Once back in the gym I reduced my calories and started working out again.

In fact, I ended up being an inch smaller on my waist than before Christmas. It only took 6 weeks.

The trip that was meant to bring you joy can end in disappointment and self-loathing. What if you could maintain a tip-top shape even on vacation?

Weight you Gained on Vacation

How Can I Avoid Gaining Weight When I go on Vacation?

On the face of it, holidays can spell disaster for your fitness goals, but don’t let this spoil your vacation/holiday. We all need a break, to relax, enjoy ourselves, and spend time with our loved ones.

Weight Loss Tips

Looking at it more keenly though, you will find that there is no better time to keep off excess weight than on vacation.

In that relaxed state, when you are getting enough sleep and not hunched at your desk punching hours into the timesheet, you have a perfect opportunity to be healthier.

It only takes being conscious of your diet and incorporating a little workout into your holiday schedule.

When heading off to your daily explorations, ensure you pack enough healthy snacks and fruits.

The snack options along the road might be too calorific. If you carried a protein bar, for instance, you would be safe from the temptation of the chocolate bar at snack shops.

Other snacks you can pack include nuts and dried fruits.

The other thing to watch out for is alcohol. A few drinks every day can cause your calorie counts to explode. If you must drink, always go for the low-calorie drinks such as light beer, white wine, or vodka.

Experts also recommend incorporating many physical activities in your itinerary. These include hiking, cycling, walking, and swimming among others. I find this a good way to explore your new surroundings

These thrilling, as well as physically exerting activities, will help to keep your body in good shape.

Alternatively, you could elect to spend at least 40 minutes every day in the gym, if your resort has one.

Meal Prep

How do I Bounce Back After Vacation?

Upon returning from vacation/holiday, it’s advised snapping out of the vacation mode as fast as possible.

You can do that by unpacking your bags, going grocery shopping, or cleaning the house the moment you get home.

These activities are mental triggers for your body to get out of its pudgy, groggy, and lazy state.

How to lose weight you gained on vacation? Start with a detox diet to lose the bloating. This is the time to stock up on fruits, veggies, and herbs. Smoothies and herbal teas are excellent at ridding the belly bloat.

The next step is cardio. At first, you will feel lazy and pathetic on the treadmill, but that is no reason to despair.

Remember to hydrate as many times as possible – lemon water works wonders. Combining cardio and hydration will get your digestion and metabolism back on track.

After detox and a few days of cardio, you will be ready to get back to your workout routine. Plan every session with objectives on the calendar, then start easy.

Whether it is weights or number of repetitions, experts advise starting at 70 % of what you managed before you went on vacation.

To compliment your workout routines, ensure you eat plenty of fiber-rich foods. You need both the soluble fibers from foods such as chia and oats to absorb excess water and insoluble fibers from foods such as vegetables and brown rice to ease constipation.

Prepare your meals at home. You might have gotten used to someone making your meals on vacation, but when you get home, try and start cooking again.

That will give you a chance to lace up your plate with healthy options. Focus more on veggies, skip the white bread, reduce the salt, and opt for white meat instead of red meat.

How Much Weight Does the Average Person Gain on Vacation?

Contrary to popular belief, one does not gain a full-size while on vacation. The main concern is usually the fact that the minuscule weight gain that happens on vacation could lead to more weight gain once you get home

The fact, however, remains the average weight gained on vacation is little. A study from 2016 showed the average weight gain for a 2-week holiday was 0.9 Pounds, with 61 Percent only gaining 0.7 Pounds.

The reason why your scales over-values your weight gain after vacation is water retention.

This often results from the saltier foods eaten on holiday. The excess salts lead to water retention and bloated up weight gain figures. After getting back to your healthy diet; however, the excess water will flush out as urine and sweat.

Experts often advise against jumping on the scale immediately after the holidays.

Talking real numbers, research by Texas University found that men gained 1.5 pounds and women 1 pound in the period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.

The study found that a significant percentage of this weight gain stemmed from alcohol consumption during the holiday.

The average alcohol consumption before vacation was found to be one drink a day, but after vacation, this figure rose to two drinks a day.

Man on Scales

How do I Stay on a Diet Whilst on Vacation?

Plan your diet ahead of the vacation. Lay down what you will be eating and where you will be eating.

If the resort or hotel you are staying at has a kitchenette, that would provide you the opportunity to prepare your own meals when on holiday; also stock up on fruits and healthy snacks that you will be carrying around during your daily explorations.

It is also advisable to find hobbies and indulgences that don’t necessarily come on a plate.

Choose to spend more time with friends and family when on vacation. Ensure that your daily itinerary is busy enough. Plan to have many excursions that are also physically demanding.

Other tips for maintaining your diet on vacation include sharing dessert with friends and family or eating it later as a snack when you feel hungry, drinking lots of water, and starting every meal with a salad.

It would help if you also exercised, and utmost moderation when it comes to alcoholic drinks.

As much as you need to keep an eye on your diet, you should also allow yourself to enjoy little pleasures. You deserve a burger or pizza once in a while.

Experts propose 80:20 rule; 80 % of your time try to eat healthy meals, and 20 percent indulge in fun foods you crave.

With the right approach, a vacation can be a blessing to your health.


You don’t need to worry about the weight you gained on vacation unless it is a risk to your health. We’ve all been there and within 2 – 4 weeks you should be able to lose the weight. The important thing is you enjoyed your vacation and had fun.

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