30-Day Calf Raise Challenge – 26764 Calf Raises In 30 Days

I do enjoy setting myself challenges, and as you’re reading this article, I dare say you do too.

The standard 30-day calf raise challenge is 100 calf raises a day, which can be performed by holding a pair of dumbbells for added resistance. If you’re unable to hold a pair of dumbbells, you can increase the number of calf raises per day.

I have an injury on my right foot, which now limits movement in my big toe. This makes it challenging to balance, and I have to hold on to something. I decided to increase the number of reps I performed each day. This is how I ended up doing 26764 calf raises in 30 days.

30-Day Calf Raise Challenge

How To Add Muscle To Your Calves

I remember watching Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Pumping Iron, and he was talking about his calves and how he was not happy with them.

He tore off the bottom of his tracksuit bottoms, so his small calves were on display, motivating him to train them.

Arnold sought out advice from his childhood idol Reg Park. Reg advised him to go heavy and hard. Don’t think of your calf training as something to be tacked onto the end of a workout here or there.

Arnold listened to reg’s advice and implemented it into his training. It was reported that Arnold’s calves measured 20 inches.

I know we’re not going to get or even want 20-inch calves, but we can all increase our calves’ size through dedication and training.

Many people don’t train their calves because they don’t like to, find it too hard, don’t have the time, or just put it down to genetics that their calves are too small.

The bottom line you need to train your calves to make them grow. You need to challenge them. Your calves are used to carry around your bodyweight all day, every day.

How To Perform Calf Raises

Calf raises are an easy exercise that can be performed at home standing on a step. I recommend using the bottom step for safety.

How To Perform Calf Raises
  • Start by standing on the step with your heels lower than the step. You should be feeling a stretch
  • Raise yourself and contract your calves at the top of the movement
  • Maintain a slow pace
  • Make sure you maintain your balance, which will allow you to work both calves equally
  • If you need to, hold on to a railing or the wall for balance
  • Concentrate on a full range of motion all the way up and down
  • To increase the intensity, hold a pair of dumbbells or increase the number of reps

30-Day Calf Raise Challenge

As I’ve mentioned above, the 30-day calf raise challenge consists of 100 calf raises a day. If you can, use a pair of dumbbells for added resistance.

You can start by doing 20 – 25 reps, 4 – 5 times a day. This will get you to your 100 calf raises a day.

As you progress through the challenge, you will find your strength increases, and you will be able to knock out 100 calf raises in one go.

Make sure you’re getting enough rest to allow your muscles to recover. If you need to miss a day to recover, then that’s fine, don’t beat yourself up about it.

My Own 30-Day Calf Raise Challenge

Because of my foot injury, I could not hold a pair of dumbbells for resistance, so I decided to increase the number of calf raises I performed.

Take a look at the below picture, and you will see that my right foot is now angled when I’m on tiptoes.

My Dodgy Right Foot

I wanted to challenge myself, so I did not set a number of reps to perform a day. I just did as many raises as I could. My total for the 30 days was 26764.

Do I recommend doing 26764 calf raises? No, I don’t.

My calves really started to ache by the end of the challenge, and I started to dread doing the challenge.

When I’m going to the gym, I usually train my calves three days a week using weights. For this reason, I was happy to try for as many calf raises as I could.

 Set 1Set 2Set 3Set 4Set 5Set 6Set 7Set 8Daily Total
25/12/2020303030303037  187
26/12/2020303030303040  190
01/01/2021120110108103120125  686
02/01/20211201201201201205283 735
03/01/202112012012012012012055 775

Did I Increase My Calf Size

Yes, I did manage to increase the size of my calf’s.

Before Challenge

Right Calf = 15”

Left Calf = 15”

After Challenge

Right Calf = 15 3/8”

Left Calf = 15 1/4”

Would I Recommend The 30-Day Calf Raise Challenge?

Yes, I would recommend the standard 100 calf raises a day, as I believe you would be able to see the difference in your calves after 30 days.

I would not recommend trying to perform as many calf raises as I did, even though I did manage to increase the size of my calves. I don’t think it was worth doing 26764, and I think they would have grown just as much if I had performed fewer. I think by the end of the challenge, I had overtrained my calves.

If the 30-day calf raise challenge has piqued your interest why don’t you check out my other challenges.

I would love to know how you get on with the challenge; please leave a comment below.

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