Is Oat Milk Paleo? Are You Able To Drink Oat Milk

Oat milk is oats mixed with water. Typically, people who follow a Paleo diet are not allowed to consume grains. Is oat milk paleo? Oat milk is not allowed on the Paleo diet.

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can you drink Oat milk on the paleo diet

Why Oat Milk Is Not In The Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is presumed to be a caveman diet, meaning you only eat foods available in the stone age. Paleo diet includes fish, lean meats, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds. These foods were said to be obtained through hunting and gathering.

Therefore, those who follow a Paleo diet will avoid eating grains (oats, wheat, and barley), legumes (lentils, beans, peas, and peanuts), dairy products, refined sugar, potatoes, salt, and processed foods.

Any food made or produced from the factory is not approved for the Paleo diet.

Is Oat Milk Paleo-Friendly?

According to research, oat milk has antinutrients like lectins, avenin, and phytic acid, which should be avoided in the Paleo diet.

Although processed foods like legumes, dairy, and alcohol are banned from the Paleo diet, there are some Paleo-friendly processed foods like olive oil and maple syrup.

Research claims that soon, Paleo dieters will jump on the oats bandwagon. For this reason, a bowl of oatmeal dipped in maple sugar will be an approved Paleo food.

Cons Of Oat Milk On Paleo Dieters

However, people decide to do away with oats on a Paleo diet since it has antinutrients that lead to inflammation, leaky gut, weaken the immune system, and other diseases. Oats, when in contact with some crops, can be contaminated with gluten.

How To Make An Oat For A Paleo Dieter

If a Paleo dieter craves oat milk, there are few ways to do it. Firstly, purchase gluten-free oats. Ensure to decrease the phytic nutrient that has an acid content in it.

The Oat milk has a very minimal phytase used to break phytate. Therefore, soaking oats may not be good enough to lower the amount of phytic acid in oats.

Here are a few ways you should try.

Sprout, Then Soak The Oats

This method ensures you sprout your oats for around five days. After which, you soak them for about 17 hours. It will get rid of 98 % phytates.

Soak The Oats With Another Complimentary Grain

You are advised to add a little ground, either wheat, rye, spelled, or buckwheat. They have phytase that is known to lower the amount of phytic acid.

Soak Your Oats And Then Ferment

A Paleo dieter should soak their oats together with the above-mentioned complementary grain in some acidic medium such as yogurt, whey, or kefir.

Oatmeal Alternatives For The Paleo Diet

The above methods might be tedious for Paleo dieters. Since oat milk is not Paleo, there is a Paleo oatmeal to be considered for your morning breakfast. You should try out the shredded coconut, coconut flour, and coconut milk for breakfast menus and ideas. To be more creative and to add taste and oatmeal, you can slice in some fruits.

Paleo Grubs Book


Giving up a comforting bowl of oatmeal is a hard thing to do. A Paleo lifestyle is for the few. However, I have discussed above some guidelines for making oatmeal that will assist in reducing the impact. During the winter, the thought of leaving the house in the morning without a bowl of oat milk makes some Paleo dieters feel like reconsidering hibernation.

Bearing in mind that oat milk is among the latest plant-based milk types sweeping across the internet and social media platforms and filling up our stores.

However, Paleo dieters should know that missing out on the oat bandwagon is not healthy. You need to make sure you get your vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients that oats provide, from another food source.

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