Jenna Jameson Keto Diet Plan

Dissatisfied with your figure? Don’t let that get you down. You can work your way towards that dream body today and win the battle of the bulge. How? By trying out the Jenna Jameson keto diet plan of course.

You’ll agree with me that the body on 44-year-old Jenna Jameson, a.k.a. the Keto Kween is nothing to sniff at. The entrepreneur and Instagram model swear by her keto diet and her Instagram pictures are undeniable proof that it’s definitely working for her. She’s done an amazing job and lost 80 lbs since starting her keto diet in April 2018! Those are fantastic results!

Jenna Jameson Keto Diet Plan

Want More Proof?

Recently, she took a trip down to Mexico to indulge and have a good time. Sadly, Jenna Jameson did not stay keto on vacation and came back 4 lbs heavier. To our awe and shock, she’s already dropped those pounds and looks as sexy as ever.

So What is a Keto Diet Plan?

Going on a keto diet transforms how your body converts food into energy. It involves eating fewer carbs and eating more fat-rich foods. This will put your body in ketosis, which can be described as a physical state where your body stops burning carbs and instead burns fat for energy.

Ketosis occurs when your body can’t find carbs to convert into glucose for energy which leads your liver to target the fatty acids in your diet and transform them into ketones. Asides from helping you burn fat and lose weight, other benefits of getting on a keto diet plan and relying on ketones rather than glucose for energy include:

  • Reduced inflammation, which in the long run minimizes the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and cancer.
  • Reduced blood sugar levels
  • Boosting your brain’s health and power

This means the keto diet won’t just help you look good, it’ll also help you stay physically healthy and mentally sharp. What more can you ask for from a diet plan?

So are you convinced that getting on a keto diet plan is your next best move? If yes, here’s everything you need to know about getting on Jenna Jameson’s keto diet since hers obviously works.

Read my article beginner’s guide to keto to find out more. If you’re looking for a program to help you with your keto diet both the 28-day keto challenge and 3-week keto diet are good places to start.

Starting the Jenna Jameson Keto Diet Plan

Same as with every diet plan, deciding to start is the easy part. Knowing what to eat, when to eat it, quantity to eat, what to avoid, and sticking with the plan is the hard part. Fortunately, Jenna Jameson’s diet plan makes it all simple.

It begins with a fast. Fasting according to Jenna is the best and fastest way to get your body into ketosis. It’s not a long, dry fast like Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness. It’s short and reasonable starting by 6 p.m. and ending by 11 a.m. During the fast, you can drink as much water as you want but avoid sugary, high carb drinks.

In the morning, Jenna starts with a cup of coffee around 8 a.m. Around 11 a.m., she breaks her fast with a simple breakfast of three eggs with cheese and avocado. It might not sound like a very exciting breakfast but it’s a balanced one and the rewards are huge.

For lunch, which is Jenna’s biggest meal, she dines on an arugula salad, grilled zucchini or asparagus, and accompanies it with a type of meat. Her meat choices are typically grilled chicken or a hamburger patty.

If she gets the munchies in between meals, she chows down on healthy snacks that are in line with a keto diet, such as macadamia nuts, almonds or cottage cheese. By 6 p.m., Jenna stops eating altogether because that’s when she begins her intermittent fast routine which will last till 11 a.m. the following day.

Before she sleeps around 10 p.m., she drinks lots of water. As you can see, the Jenna Jameson keto diet plan is a pretty straightforward one that consists of clean, whole organic foods. Processed and packaged foods were always bad for you anyway so this diet actually does you a huge favor. The only thing you really sacrifice is carbs, which I’m sure you can do without if you really want to achieve your body goals.

If you start craving carbs and junk foods, and feel the urge to break your keto diet, just take a look at this stunning Jenna pic and remember why you started the diet in the first place.

Making the Jenna Jameson Keto Diet Plan Your Own

Jenna Jameson’s keto diet plan clearly works for her, but having to eat exactly eggs, cheese, avocado, arugula salad, grilled zucchini or asparagus, and a hamburger patty (or chicken) every day may become frustrating for you. To help with this, you can tweak her diet plan to better suit you with the following keto-friendly foods:


Fish and shellfish such as salmon, sardines, mackerel, shrimp, and crabs are all keto-friendly seafood that you can incorporate into the diet plan. Other seafood such as clams, octopus, oysters, and mussels contain carbs in varying degrees. So while you can enjoy them as part of your keto diet. It’s important to eat them sparingly and account for their carbs.

Low-Carb Vegetables

Most vegetables that grow above ground contain essential vitamins and minerals. They are also low in calories and carbs but rich in fiber which is great for digestion. So enjoy your salads. Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, kale, and broccoli are also great.

Plain Greek Yogurt

This high-protein food perfectly suits the ketogenic lifestyle and makes for a refreshing snack.


Berries, unlike most fruits, are not high in carbs. This makes them ideal for a ketogenic diet. Raspberries and blackberries are especially high in fiber and are packed with antioxidants. Other berries worth adding to your diet include blackberries and strawberries.

Shirataki Noodles

These noodles are very low in carbs and have high water content. They can be substituted for regular noodles and help decrease hunger and blood sugar spikes.

Unsweetened Tea

If you prefer tea to coffee, you are in luck. Unsweetened tea is welcome in a keto diet and you can even add heavy cream. But avoid tea lattes because of their high-carb flavorings.

Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Powder

How many weight-loss diets permit chocolate? Well, the keto diet does. But only dark chocolate that contains 85% cocoa solids or more, and cocoa powder. Both are rich sources of antioxidants. Just remember to eat them in moderation.

Jenna Jameson Keto Diet Plan

That’s it!

Now that you know all about Jenna Jameson’s keto diet and how you can make it yours, start your own journey towards getting that beautiful body and turn your friends green with envy.

Don’t forget to check out my article the ketogenic diet – the ultimate beginners’ guide to keto.

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