How Do Children Learn?

How Do Children Learn? Being a dad of 2 girls, I always try my best to do right by them by providing support, comfort, listening to them, and love. Like many others, I don’t always get things right.

I just wanted to share with you all a poem by Dorothy Law Nolte. I love this poem; it’s so true, and I find the words really moving.

How Children Learn

Children Learn What They Live

If Children live with criticism

They learn to condemn

If children live with hostility

They learn to fight

If Children live with ridicule

They learn to be shy

If Children live with shame

They learn to be guilty

If Children live with tolerance

They learn to be patient

If Children live with encouragement

They learn to appreciate

If Children live with praise

They learn to appreciate

If Children live with fairness

They learn justice

If Children live with security

They learn to have faith

If Children live with approval

They learn to like themselves

If Children live with acceptance and friendship

They learn to find love in the world

Girls Jumping


I know this is nothing to do with Health and Fitness, but I believe we can all learn a thing or two from this poem.

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